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Before install, please make sure you have the components bellow enable on your server
			PHP 5.2 or greater 
               MySQL (4.1+) MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi,

Installation with Apache

Creating a new Database

First thing you want to do before installing The pos is to create a new database on your mysql server. If you already know how to do this/or have already created one just skip to the next step.

Your hosting provider will most likely have phpMyAdmin as mysql manager. If that is the case here is a step by step guide (if not the process will be very similar on other managers).

Login to your control panel, find and click phpMyAdmin link.

Click on the database tab in the top menu, enter any name for your database and click create.

Uploading Files

After creating a database, unzpip the file you donwloaded from CodeCanyon and upload the contents of The POS Script folder to your server root, usually /path/to/www/ or /path/to/html/ or /path/to/public_html/.

Launch the Installer

After you created a database and uploaded the files, simply open up your site in the browser (like, you will redirect to and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Installation on localhost

  • You have to create a local virtual host by using a domain name (eg. http://mysite.localhost) instead of localhost (http://localhost/mysite).
    For more information Using a domain name instead of localhost with XAMPP, WAMP or MAMP.
  • Restart your server.
  • Create a MySQL database, add user to it with full permissions.
  • Go to the script's installation URL. For example http://mysite.localhost/install
  • And follow the web installation wizard.

The Pos Introductions

POS Means point of sale or point of purchase where a transaction is carried out once the customer picks the products for buying. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, you cannot run a demanding business without having a proper POS setup.

The complete setup of POS system includes computer, credit card reader, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer and POS software. Following are the main features of POS system.

Why use our Pos

The main advantage of our pos system is multiple user and multiple store, coupon, voucher, Barcode etc. its help to improve your business, our support member give you quick and fast support no need to another plugin and extension to run the pos system. Main feature list see below

The Featured List :

  • Clean and responsive Design work on PC/Tablet/Mobile
  • Compatible Tax setting
  • Dashboard
  • Quick add and edit orders
  • Quick add and search customers
  • Fast search and ajax loading
  • Product Stock and other info
  • Direct add to cart with options Stock alert
  • Fixed/Percent Discount Calculate Change
  • POS users automatically get redirected to POS login and interface
  • Guest and Registered Customer
  • Coupon and voucher
  • Warehouse
  • Stockin
  • Inventory Barcode
  • Order Comment
  • Last 4 Digits of Card for future reference
  • Currency
  • Sale Report By Warehouse
  • Multi User
  • Advance Setting

Login To POS

To access the pos system must be Login, admin can create multiple user with different role for access the pos. like admin can create particular user for particular Warehouse

See example below:


Dashboard look like profissional which is Display major reports of the pos, sales result, sales graph, Warehouse with product, Recent sale, Most selling product etc..

Pos Screen

Pos Screen easy to use and all part are managed from pos setting. we are continues to make its more easy to operate

Add product in pos screen

Place order in pos

Invoice after print

Quick access menu is shortcode to access the customer list order list and print invoice.

Non Catalog is a option there you can add product when not available in your Warehouse.

Pos Setting Here admin can mange all pos screen like Custom Form, Customer Setting,Payment Method,Payment option, invoice, customer mail etc...


warehouse is a feature in this pos software its like store here admin can add multiple stores and add product to specific warehouse and also specific user for access warehouse.

Super admin can add, delete, Update, warehouse and data.

Link product to warehouse Here is also option to add product in specific warehouse for the add please follow the screenshot

warehouse List

Barcode Here is a option to generate barcode store owner can generate own barcode through upc.

Note:without upc number not generate Barcode

Barcode Here is a option to generate barcode store owner can generate own barcode through upc.

Note:without upc number not generate Barcode

Stock in is a feature to search, delete , and add product to stock by upc number

Note:without upc number not search product


Category is a option to Divide product in related area name which is use in product like fashion, sports, footware etc. to category in pos system please follow the screenshot


All Product is managed by the admin, admin can add, update, delete, product in an easy or organized way.


All Order is manged by admin admin can delete or print product order by order id.


Manage The Customer is very easy way, admin can add customer, delete customer, update customer etc. admin also specify customer by customer group.

customer group is a advantage to care about existing customer for offer and discount.


System is a parent menu there all setting option is present in submenu

Pos setting is manage pos profile and logo and login page

User can access pos screen and pos system according to permissions by admin.

User group is a option to create specific group for give access by group.