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Before install, please make sure you have the components bellow enable on your server
PHP 5.2 or greater 

               MySQL (4.1+) MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi,


Installation with Apache

Creating a new Database

First thing you want to do before installing Realestate is to create a new database on your mysql server. If you already know how to do this/or have already created one just skip to the next step.

Your hosting provider will most likely have phpMyAdmin as mysql manager. If that is the case here is a step by step guide (if not the process will be very similar on other managers).

Login to your control panel, find and click phpMyAdmin link.

Click on the database tab in the top menu, enter any name for your database and click create.

Uploading Files

After creating a database, unzpip the file you donwloaded from CodeCanyon and upload the contents of Realestate Script folder to your server root, usually /path/to/www/ or /path/to/html/ or /path/to/public_html/.

Launch the Installer

After you created a database and uploaded the files, simply open up your site in the browser (like, you will redirect to and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Installation on localhost

  • You have to create a local virtual host by using a domain name (eg. http://mysite.localhost) instead of localhost (http://localhost/mysite).
    For more information, please see this article: Using a domain name instead of localhost with XAMPP, WAMP or MAMP.
  • Restart your server.
  • Create a MySQL database, add user to it with full permissions.
  • Go to the script's installation URL. For example http://mysite.localhost/install
  • And follow the web installation wizard.

Admin Access

Admin is major part of this Realestate portal all website and property and agent is manage from admin panel

Q .How to access the admin
Access the admin panel you want to go browser and type your domain name like http://mysite/admin - Put your admin user And Password than access your website admin Admin panel there you can manage every part of the website

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard is show Total Property , Total Agent and Total Enquiry in your admin panel

Theme controle -> Header
Realestate Script Use 5 Layout Of Header which you can choose according to your choice

Theme controle -> Footer
Realestate Script Use 4 Layout Of Footer which you can choose according to your choice

Theme controle -> Agent Layout
Realestate Script Use Agent Layout For display agent list in different layout you can choose From Here

Theme controle -> property Layout
Realestate Script allow multiple property list Layout For display different layout in front.

Theme controle -> Search Layout
Realestate Script allow multiple type of search Layout For display different layout in search or filter in front.

Theme controle -> Footer Social Icons
Realestate Script allow add multiple social icon and twitter feed code also everythig footer data can manage from here.

Theme controle -> Theme
Realestate Script allow add multiple theme you can change from here your favorite color theme.

Mega Header

Mega header or mega menu , here you can change your website menu title and arrange menu and property category in menu baar.

Add a new menu in phpscript please see below screenshort

Menu setting is option to change color and background of mega menu.

Setting -> setting

Setting is your all Website Setting here you can edit your logo , meta title , mail , server etc. its divide in seven tab section witch is listed below






Image / Logo



Seo Url

Seo Url can make your list & page url seo Friendly no need any seo extension or plugin .

Seo Edit

Add property and property attributes

Add property is base part of this website here you can add your listing data from admin .

Note: Before add property its better you can add property attribute like.

  • Property Category
  • Property Status
  • Property Feature
  • Nearest Place
  • Property units
  • Custom Field

Property -> Property Category

Property Category is devided listing data in diffrent category and category wise easy to manange because listing website have lots of listing data.

Realestate script make category in easy way for user and admin also admin can add category from admin panel see screenshort below:.

Add category instructions

Property->Property Status

Property Status/type its dispay your listing in types like Rent / sale / lease etc. user can also filter data in front-end by types, admin can easily add property status/type from admin panel. please see screenshort below:

Property->Property Feature

Property Feature a feature list of property here admin can add lots features related to property like: Air Condition , Balcony , Garage etc... admin can easliy add and manage features from admin panel. See screenshort below.

Property->Nearest Place

Nearest Place is sign of your property how much distance from Famous Location Like Airport ,collages ,Cricket Stadium etc.. You can add From Admin . See screen short below

1. Click on add icon

2.Put place title here

3. Put place icon in data tab and click on save button in top right.


Unit type is Format for measurement of your property area and land area Like - kanal , Square . meter etc... for add unit type from admin see screenshort below: on add icon

2.Put unit title and save

Property->Custom fields

Custome field is option to add extra field in add property form . if admin want to add a extra field, Like radio , checkbox , text etc.. For add custom field please see screenshort below: on add icon

2.Put information and click on save button


Propety navigation in left bar admin can display all property list From here admin can also manage property listing from here like , add , delete , edit , approve , disapprove etc. for add the property see screenshort below:

1. Display your all property or listing here. For add property please click on add icon and

1.1.Start from general tab information.

2.Data tab information.

3.Address tab information.

4.images tab information.

5.Amenities tab information.

6.Custom fields tab information.


Enquiry list is display all enquiry of your property listing which is coming from customer and agents also get enquiry notification from email admin can manage all enquiry listing from admin panel


Agents is a user of your website which can signup and add property from front end but admin can fully controle on agents user admin can approve and disapprove agent or agents listing .

Agent Email template

Agent Email template its a feature for send mail to agent by admin on Every Activity like , Signup , forget password , add property etc .. admin can manage text according to our language . there is many shortcode use for send text in mail. email template fully controle by admin

Users Group

Users Group is a feature in this script for manage website on diffrent lavels like super admin and sub-admin its give the access to to users for manage website.

Add User group

admin can manage all user-group from admin panel like add delete edit etc...

Users is a feature in this script for manage website From backend super admin can make multiple user for manage our website

Add admin User

Page builder

Page builder section in admin area its manage for all content and image of your website. its divided in 3 major section which is Modules setting , page layout setting and banner setting.

Module setting

Module or extension part is use for manage all extension of website which is manage content of all website like home page content , faq , agent , gallery , featured listing , latest listing etc.

A Example of set module or extension in admin area which is Feature listing on home page .

Page layout setting

Page layout section in admin area its use for manage page layout . admin can make new layout for page , here is a screenshort which is example of add a layout in admin area.


Localisation is a controle access to country , zone , language , Currency etc ..


Here admin can manage all country list add edit or delete country which is display all form were require.


Here admin can manage all zone list add edit or delete zone which is display all form were require.


Realestate Script in multi Language admin can add language from here . Available Language package are

  • Arabic
  • Danish (Denmark)
  • German
  • English
  • Spain
  • Persian (Farsi)
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Swedish (Sweden)
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Add Language Form


Realestate Script in multi Currencies admin can add own country currency in script.

Add Currency Form


Pages is a control option where admin can manage information pages , Gallery , Faq , News letter subscribers , testimonial etc.


Information is cms page which is manage by admin panel : pages like about , policy , term-condition etc


Gallery is extension which is manage gallery feature on real-estate script Gallery feature is allow to make albume and uplode multiple image in albume, all albume is dispay on separate page and also display on home page as a image slider.

Gallery Tab details

  • Dashboard -> Display Total gallery or total albume Here
  • Gallery Setting -> Here admin can manage image height and image width, also set gallery page image limit from here
  • Photo -> Uploade Multiple Images in albume
  • Gallery -> gallery is a options here admin can uplode albume frame


Faq is a feature here admin can add Frequently Asked Questions Related to Realestate.its very important for user end here user can find solutions related to real-estate.


Newsletter Subscription form and email option form allows you to exponentially grow your mailing list.

Here is also a export option to mailing list admin can easily export all mailing list on xls format in one click.


Testimonial is a feature on real-estate script which is showcases the quality and success of a site’s products or services. Testimonials often come directly from customers and serve as a successful marketing method. admin can add testimonial and display on home page and separate page also.


A blog is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. real-estate script allow admin to all blog feature like comment , tag , social sharing full page view etc.

Home Page

Home page of this real-estate script is major part all content of home page is manages from admin and manage in easy way.

Home Page Box

Home page box section is display below the search bar all tha content manage from admin please follow the screenshort to manage the content


Latest property section on home page its manage from admin section please follow the screenshort to edit this section

Our Agents

Our Agents section on home page its manage from admin section please follow the screenshort to edit this section


Feature property section on home page its manage from admin section please follow the screenshort to edit this section


gallery section on home page its manage from admin section please follow the screenshort to edit this section


Newslatter section on home page its manage from admin section please follow the screenshort to edit this section

Membership plan in Realestate script

After purchase realestate script here is great Business model through Membership plan Admin add Membership plan and agent can purchase Membership plan when signup the Realestate portal.

To Add a Membership plan in admin follow the screenshort

Payment setting

Payment setting option to set your paypal information Here admin can fill all requirement to Run payment method paypal in real-estate portal.

Payment invoice

Admin can check payment invoice on agent list in admin area see screenshort

Payment Invoice

Agent Section

Agent is partner or user of this portal which can add property in Real Estate For permotions, on signup time agent can purchase membership plan and add property according to membership plan Limit.

Agent signup

Agent signup option is top right in header section agent can fill all reaquire information than signup on portal , after signup admin can approve the agent than agent get a email for approval or agent can signin on portal

Manage Property

Agent can add, edit , delete property from own end , after add property agent will wait for approve Property from admin. after approval agent get a email notification to approve property than property display on agent dashboard.

Renew plan

After expiry Membership plan agent can Renew plan, for the Renew the membership plan agent can login account and click on Renew Membership left bar on own dashbord. choose your new membership plan than redirect on payment page, after paid your membership is renew again.

Membership Plan

Seo Friendly

Real estate script is seo url friendly its most useful feature for seo. An SEO-friendly URL structure is the following things: Easy to read: Users and search engines should be able to understand what is on each page just by looking at the URL. Keyword-rich: Keywords still matter and your target queries should be within URLs.

Enable and add seo url follow the screenshort

Enable The seo url form setting tab in admin panel

Google Captcha

Real Estate script now more secure with google Captcha we are add multple captcha in script for stop spam, Captch is use on Login, Signup, Add Property

Multiple Payment Options

Real Estate New version update with multiple payment Option

GDPR Policy

Real Estate with GDPR Policy, Agent can request to admin for remove data from websites,