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Before install, please make sure you have the components bellow enable on your server
PHP 5.2 or greater 

               MySQL (4.1+) MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi,


Installation with Apache

Creating a new Database

First thing you want to do before installing classified is to create a new database on your mysql server. If you already know how to do this/or have already created one just skip to the next step.

Your hosting provider will most likely have phpMyAdmin as mysql manager. If that is the case here is a step by step guide (if not the process will be very similar on other managers).

Login to your control panel, find and click phpMyAdmin link.

Click on the database tab in the top menu, enter any name for your database and click create.

Uploading Files

After creating a database, unzpip the file you donwloaded from CodeCanyon and upload the contents of classified Script folder to your server root, usually /path/to/www/ or /path/to/html/ or /path/to/public_html/.

Launch the Installer

After you created a database and uploaded the files, simply open up your site in the browser (like, you will redirect to and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Installation on localhost

  • You have to create a local virtual host by using a domain name (eg. http://mysite.localhost) instead of localhost (http://localhost/mysite).
  • Restart your server.
  • Create a MySQL database, add user to it with full permissions.
  • Go to the script's installation URL. For example http://mysite.localhost/install
  • And follow the web installation wizard.

Admin Access

Admin is major part of this classified portal all website and property and agent is manage from admin panel

Q .How to access the admin
Access the admin panel you want to go browser and type your domain name like http://mysite/admin - Put your admin user And Password than access your website admin Admin panel there you can manage every part of the website

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard is show Total Candidate , available job, and Total company profile in your admin panel

Theme controle -> Header
classified Script Use 3 Layout Of Header which you can choose according to your choice

Theme controle -> Footer
classified Script Use 3 Layout Of Footer which you can choose according to your choice

Theme controle -> Map Key
Google map api key is need for display your classified location map on classified details page.

Theme controle -> Footer Social Icons
classified Script Use Footer Social Icons For display Social icon in footer also social mendia page link update here , and contact page information also update here

Theme controle -> Theme color
Classified script available with multiple color theme you can choose your color theme from here.

Global Setting

Setting option use for Global setting of Classified script there are multiple setting options like ...
  • General
  • Website
  • Local
  • Option
  • image
  • mail

General setting: use for website meta title, meta tag description, Meta Tag Keywords etc.

Website setting: use for contact information about your website which is display in our contact page.

Local: is use for your website Local Location

Option: is use for payment method or select page for term-condition.

image: is use for website logo or site icons.

Mail: is use for email delivery from your website.


Classified is major functionality Of classified Scripts user can make account and uploade our product for Permotions, user can manage our classified item from front end on our profile. admin can also add classified item and manage all item like add, delete, update etc...

Classified Category

Add classified category for manage classified item in different category , classified category is manage by admin only

Classified Form Builder

Classified Form Builder is a options to create multiple form to add classified item admin can create diffrent form to different category.

Add form

Add Form Fields

Link Category To The Form

Display form in front

Mail Template

Mail Template is use for send mail to customer by admin

Classified Package

After purchase classified script here is great Business model through Classified Package Admin add Classified Package and Customer can purchase Classified Package when signup the classified portal.

To Add a Classified Package in admin follow the screenshort

Payment setting

Payment setting option to set your paypal information Here admin can fill all requirement to Run payment method paypal in Classified portal.

Payment invoice

Admin can check payment invoice on customer list in admin area


Customer can signup from font-end and post our classified item on portal. admin can manage all customer in admin area customer list.

Module setting

Module or extension part is use for manage all extension of website which is manage content of all website like home page content, Classified category, Featured Classified Listing etc.....

A Example of set module or extension in admin area.

Google Analytics

Google analytics library (also known as "the Google Analytics tag") is a JavaScript library for measuring how users interact with your website. This document explains how to add the Google Analytics tag to your site.

Page layout setting

Page layout section in admin area its use for manage page layout . admin can make new layout for page , here is a screenshort which is example of add a layout in admin area.


To manage all Localisation like local Currencies, city, zone, country etc...

Admin create slider and its activete on page layout . a screen provide in below which is example of create and activate slider on page layout..

Front End

Sign-up Customer and purchase classified package, after veryficaton Customer can upload classified item according to package Limit.


Manage classified From customer dashboard